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  • 02/28/21

    How Should We Then Live? - Evening Sermon

    What we believe about God changes the way we live. In this sermon on Hebrews 10:19-25, we learn how ...

    Nick Spurgeon
  • 02/28/21

    Nothing but the Blood of Jesus

    In our fallen state, we are plagued by sin and guilt. Under the old covenant, priests offered regular sacrifices to ...

    Nick Spurgeon
  • 10/13/19

    I Have Loved You

    Seasons of prolonged suffering or spiritual dullness can lead us to doubt God’s love. Our circumstances, however, must not be ...

    Nick Spurgeon
  • 04/28/19

    A Prayer for Endurance

    Jesus promised that those who put their trust in Him would endure great affliction. How, then, are we to remain ...

    Nick Spurgeon
  • 11/11/18

    A Work of Grace

    When a rich young man asked Jesus what he must do to be saved, Jesus showed him the problem of ...

    Nick Spurgeon
  • 06/24/18

    The Cross Shaped Life

    What shapes the way we live? As followers of Christ, our lives should be shaped first and foremost by the ...

    Nick Spurgeon
  • 01/21/18

    Hearing Ears or Hardened Hearts?

    As the Word is preached, it will fall either on hearing ears or hardened hearts. In this study of the ...

    Nick Spurgeon
  • 10/15/17

    Sins Forgiven

    In his Gospel, Mark recorded that as Jesus began preaching, wonders and signs accompanied His ministry. Hearing of these miracles ...

    Nick Spurgeon
  • 08/06/17

    How Long O Lord?

    Depression and despair often mark human experience, and Psalm 13 describes King David’s own struggle with overwhelming sorrow. When despair ...

    Nick Spurgeon
  • 03/12/17

    Served and Serving

    In John 13 , Christ has come to the end of His itinerant mission, and, up against the hour of His ...

    Nick Spurgeon