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  • 09/29/19

    God's Unlikely Messenger

    Through spies, lies, and a not-so-secret mission, Joshua chapter 2 tells of how God was preparing to reestablish His Kingdom ...

    Dan Larison
  • 08/12/18

    Embracing Weakness

    People expend plenty of time and energy looking for the secret to success, and many approach the Christian life in ...

    Dan Larison
  • 03/26/17

    Jesus' Steadfast Love for Sinners

    As He healed diseases, calmed storms, cast out demons, and unmistakably granted forgiveness of sins, Christ began His ministry with ...

    Dan Larison
  • 10/02/16

    The Daily Medicine for Anxiety

    Dan Larison
  • 02/21/16

    A Matter of Life and Death

    Proverbs 9 introduces us to wisdom and folly personified. While both appeal to us, their invitations are strikingly different. Wisdom ...

    Dan Larison
  • 10/25/15

    Distinctives of Discipleship

    When God dwells in us by His Spirit, He realigns our priorities to reflect His own. The Beatitudes describe this ...

    Dan Larison
  • 03/22/15

    True Wisdom

    Wisdom is often valued, but hard to define. James informs us that the wisdom of this world is marked by ...

    Dan Larison
  • 02/08/15

    Fear God, Love One Another

    The "fear of the Lord" is often misunderstood, but the Bible makes it clear that fearing God is both necessary ...

    Dan Larison
  • 08/17/14

    Crying Out to a Silent God

    Sometimes God seems silent and far away. Psalm 88 records an example of one man's experience of this kind ...

    Dan Larison
  • 06/08/14

    Urgent Warnings from the Past

    The Corinthian church was outwardly orthodox, but faced the temptation to indulge in a lifestyle that accompanied the pagan worship ...

    Dan Larison