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  • 02/21/21

    Seeing Him as He Is - Evening Sermon

    In this study from 1 John 2:26-3:3, we can glean the ABCs of Christian living. First, we must ...

    Matt Ross
  • 02/21/21

    A Prayer to See Him

    Our prayers reveal the deepest longings of our hearts. Following Israel’s idolatry in the wilderness, Moses begged God not to ...

    Matt Ross
  • 02/02/20

    Freedom in Christ

    When we look to Christ in faith alone, Paul tells us that we are forever free! The constraining shackles of ...

    Matt Ross
  • 06/03/18

    The Surprise of Grace

    When Peter asks Jesus what the disciples will receive for following Him, Jesus responds with a parable about laborers in ...

    Matt Ross