Community Groups

Community Groups

Community Groups

While we come to faith in Christ individually, God has designed the church so that we grow in faith together. Believers need one another for encouragement, edification, and to make each other more like Christ.  This "one anothering" happens best when we share life together with other Christians, studying, praying, and spending time with one another. 

Our Community Groups exist to provide a context for this to happen.  Our groups are organized by community and generally meet twice a month.  Most are still meeting virtually during the coronavirus shutdown.  People are welcome to join at any time.  Each group is taught by a member of the church, and they are typically composed of 10-20 people. 

You can find the locations of our groups on this map.

If you have any general questions about our groups, you can contact us at the church office.

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  • Sep

    Community Groups Fall 2020

    Community Groups will begin meeting after the summer break starting the week of September 14th and will be studying the book of Philippians.  Our groups, led by one or more members, are typically composed of 10-20 people and are designed to be a smaller place for people to study the Bible, pray and develop meaningful relationships with others.  The groups typically are organized by community and meet twice a month during the week.

    Due to the unique circumstances of our present situation, the groups are meeting in a variety of formats including in-person, exclusively online, at the church or some combination. We encourage you to consider becoming a part of a community group this fall but you can also join at any time.

    To find a group in your community and to get more information, please go to the Community Group finder at

  • Groups are Meeting During COVID-19

    While Community Groups are not meeting together in the typical format, our groups have continued to stay connected through virtual means. If you aren't currently in a group but would like to join, click here to request to be added to a group.

  • Aug

    Midweek LIFE Groups Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

    Midweek LIFE Groups will begin meeting again after the summer break starting the week of September 17th.  The groups will be using a sermon-based format this fall, giving participants an opportunity to reflect on and apply biblical texts preached on Sundays.


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