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  • Easter Book Recommendations

    As Easter Sunday approaches, we encourage you to take time for personal reflection or family discussion to consider the events and meaning surrounding the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Here are three resources we recommend to help you look at Easter with a fresh perspective.

  • Pursuing Gospel Growth in Northeast Ohio

    If you are interested in learning about a prospective church in the University Heights/Shaker Heights/Cleveland Heights area, join us at one of the information meetings. Attend in person on Sunday, February 28 or March 7, at 11:15am in room A219, or email Dan to receive the link for the March 1 online meeting at 7pm.

  • February Book Recommendation

    Following God’s call to cross-cultural mission, David Ellis experienced many hardships...and would have been unable to hold fast without an understanding of God’s providence and sovereignty. With feeling and honesty Ellis weaves anecdote with biblical meditation, allowing scripture to form the lens through which the world, in all its frightening chaos, is viewed. Read More >

  • Sunday Morning Livestream Update

    A Change to the Parkside Church Sunday Worship Livestream

    Beginning Sunday, February 7, 2021, Truth For Life will no longer stream Sunday morning worship live from Parkside Church. This change means that the complete service, beginning at 9:45 a.m. eastern, will no longer be viewable at, on Truth For Life’s YouTube and Facebook pages, or through Truth For Life’s Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV channels. The service will also no longer be available through the Alexa app.  
    Why is Truth For Life no longer streaming Parkside Church’s Sunday morning services when Alistair is preaching?

  • December Book Recommendations

    This year may be the perfect year to discover a few new books to add to your Christmas reading list. Whether it’s reading through a daily Advent devotional, sharing a book and conversation with a friend, or developing a family tradition of considering the Christmas story together, here are a few resources we recommend. View the list >

  • Annual Meeting & Report for 2019

    Annual Meeting and Report 2019

    We invite each member and attender to join us on December 13 at 6pm for our Annual Meeting during the evening service. This meeting fulfills our legal requirement as a non-profit organization in the state of Ohio and there will be a brief statement of the financial report. The 2019 annual report is available in the info racks and is also available for download here.

  • Meet Parkside's Pastoral Residents

    Beginning a new job in a new place during a pandemic can be overwhelming, but for Parkside’s four new residents, it has allowed them an inside look to how a church makes decisions. “When we began in August, all the ministries were starting up and trying to figure out how the church is going to do that with COVID precautions,” Peter Lindia said. “It was cool to get to watch and see how they’re making decisions.” 

    The precautions have made it difficult to get acquainted though. “As far as ministry right now, it’s limited a lot of the kind of the human normalcy of ministry of getting together and being comfortable with each other. There’s always potential worries or scares there,” said Zachary Mashburn. Regardless, each resident is finding their place. 

  • Communion Service-October 18

    We invite you to join us this Sunday at 6pm for our evening service with communion. There will be tables outside the Auditorium where you can pick up pre-packaged elements as you enter. If you are gluten free, please bring your own bread. 

  • Indoor Services Resume on Sept. 27

    Please join us indoors again beginning Sunday, September 27, 2020. We will hold three identical services at 9:45am, 11:15am, and 6pm.  The 9:45am service will be livestreamed, and will be available on the Parkside website, Facebook, and Youtube channels for viewing live, and anytime after. Learn more about our reopening guidelines here >

  • A Word from Alistair Begg for Parkside

    Alistair Begg reminds us that during a time when diverse and polarizing opinions abound about meeting again as a church, we must remember that the gospel is what grounds us and unites us, and should be our continued focus. He encourages us to use this time to be gospel men and women who will not allow anything, even important things, cloud the mission of spreading the Good News where we are placed.

    View the video here >