Sexual Integrity Support Group

Sexual Integrity Support Group

Sexual Integrity Support Group

Our hope is that through attending this group, your affection and worship of God may increase in order that he might be seen as greater and more desirable than pornography. 

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    New Support Group: Sexual Integrity for Men

    Sexual Integrity is a new eight-week support group for men seeking to walk with purity and accountability. It is intended to help participants take the first step toward sexual purity through learning, confessing, and repenting, with the hope that they will increasingly abhor porn and adore God. 


    The first weekly meeting will be Thursday, February 4, at 7pm in Room C002/C003. An online option is also available.

    Please note: Although we consider confidentiality an essential ingredient of the group, you must know that if an illicit or illegal act is shared, the leaders of this group will function as mandatory reporters.



Mac Matthews