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  • 02/14/21

    A Gentle and Lowly King - Evening Sermon

    Matthew 11:25-30 paints a beautiful picture of Christ to a weary and burdened world. In these passages we see ...

    Mac Matthews
  • 02/14/21

    A Holy and Gracious King

    Isaiah’s encounter with the living God caused him to be undone by the gravity of his sin. Instead of perishing ...

    Mac Matthews
  • 10/25/20

    Faith That Works

    Mac Matthews
  • 09/22/19

    Christ All Sufficient

    The person and work of Jesus compels our continued worship. This was the heart of Paul’s message to the Colossians ...

    Mac Matthews
  • 03/31/19

    Love That Lasts

    What can we do when our faith wilts and worship becomes a duty rather than a delight? In this message ...

    Mac Matthews
  • 01/13/19

    New Life New Living

    When Jesus commanded Peter to let down his fishing nets, Peter obeyed even though they had previously come up empty ...

    Mac Matthews
  • 07/29/18

    Men Worth Imitating

    In Philippians 2, Paul commended Timothy and Epaphroditus for demonstrating a humility that ultimately pointed to Christ. These men were ...

    Mac Matthews