The Robinsons

The Robinsons


Aufwiedersehen Dear Friends!

Download the Robinson's Final Prayer Letter with photos here.

Dear Praying Friends,

We knew the inevitability of this letter, but actually writing it has been difficult. The time has come to put closure on our service as overseas missionaries – the official end date with Greater Europe Mission was the end of July and we will no longer be serving with Parkside Church. The finality of ending the twenty-eight years of ministry we loved, and not returning to the country and the people who still so acutely need the hope of the Gospel is very sad for us. A huge part of our hearts remains with our beloved Germany and our wonderful friends and ministry partners.

In our Christmas letter, we asked you to pray for wisdom and guidance as we sought our next steps for ministry and work in this next season. These last few months have brought opportunity and clarity in an unexpected way. The disappointment and discouragement we faced in being unable to enter the type of ministry opportunity we had hoped to find in the States was disheartening. Our ministry experience and aptitudes were not valued in the US context, but by God’s grace we have landed in a position that draws from all the ways we have ministered in the past, Jeffrey’s recent chaplaincy training, and also our nursing, legal and business backgrounds. We will be working as certified senior advisors to help seniors and their families find the right living situation when the senior is no longer able to thrive at home. It is often a time of much stress and confusion, and we will be able to offer compassionate expert use as a free service to the whole family. We are excited at this opportunity, and also very pleased that we are able to be closer to at least part of our family in Cincinnati. God’s goodness to us has been clearly evident in his sustaining grace and abundant provision over these months of transition since our return from Germany two years ago.

We are deeply grateful for the enormous and faithful investment you all made in partnering with us over the decades of ministry in Germany and trust that the fruit will continue over many years to come. It is with complete sincerity when we say it has been the prayers of others that have sustained us as a family throughout the years. Please continue to pray for steadfastness of the German Christians as they face growing challenges to their faith, and for open hearts and minds among those submerged in the dark post-Christian secularization of Europe, that they may hear and receive Christ’s message of light, love and hope.

We are also thankful for the steadfast, loving support of Parkside Church and for our good and encouraging partnership with GEM, without which we could not have focused on our ministry of discipleship and evangelism.

Our prayers for you won’t end with this letter and we will be forever thankful for the immense privilege it has been to fulfill God’s calling on our lives 35 years ago. Thank you, dear ones, for the integral role you have played in our lives and in reaching lost souls in Europe. May you receive God’s richest blessings in return. We value your prayers for us as well as we venture out into a completely new realm of work with all the learning, challenges and risks involved.

We love the German parting phrase “Aufwiedersehen” which means until we see each other again. So in that spirit, we close with praise and thanksgiving for all God has done and is doing in and through each of us.

Yours in Christ,

Katherine & Jeffrey Robinson