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Steeple Installation


Fast Facts About the Steeple:

Our steeple includes four sections: a base, a clock tower featuring three clocks, a cupola, and spire.

Total height: 54 feet

Total weight: 3,400 pounds

Manufactured in Henderson, Texas, by Fiberglass Specialties, Incorporated, the internal structure is built with tubular steel while the fiberglass exterior is molded with a copper gel coat finish which is resistant to sun damage and extreme weather.

The previous steeple succumbed to damaging wind shears that ripped through the area during our one of our evening services in 2017. The new steeple is engineered to withstand wind speeds of 120 MPH.

We are so thankful for the team of carpenters, electricians, welders, crane operators, and general contractors whose skill, expertise, and care allowed the the steeple to be installed in a single day rather than the two or three days that were anticipated.

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