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  • 04/28/19

    A Prayer for Endurance

    Jesus promised that those who put their trust in Him would endure great affliction. How, then, are we to remain ...

    Nick Spurgeon
  • 04/21/19

    He Saw and Believed

    The finality of Christ’s burial left His disciples in a state of fear and mourning. The silence of the grave ...

    Alistair Begg
  • 04/19/19

    It Must Be So

    Deserted by His companions, bound, spat upon, beaten, mocked, flogged, and crucified—why did God allow this to happen to His ...

    Alistair Begg
  • 04/14/19

    What True Greatness Is

    The pursuit of greatness is a powerful driving force. Mark 10 records the disciples James and John jostling for what ...

    Eric Pollitz
  • 04/14/19

    A New King in Town

    Mike Willmer
  • 04/07/19

    One Thing

    We’re surrounded by things that clamor for our attention: obligations, aspirations, and even fears. In the midst of what can ...

    Scott Kennedy
  • 04/07/19

    Patterns and Principles of Prayer, Part 2

    Prayer is vital to our spiritual growth. This does not mean, however, that a strong and effective prayer life comes ...

    Dan Southam