The James Family

The James Family


Kep & Debbie March 2021 Prayer Requests

* Pray for Kep who will be visiting a ministry in Cairo, South Sudan, Chad, Ethiopia, and Senegal for 4 weeks, and will be back in the USA on March 15. Pray that the Lord will give Kep wisdom and favor to know how best to help the church planters being trained.

* Pray for Kep and Debbie as they return to Bolivia in April. This has been a good Home Assignment, and the Lord gave them a wonderful time with family and friends at Parkside Church.

* Pray for Debbie as she plans the 2021 ILC Church women’s ministry with the team she works with. One of the key leaders of her ministry has left La Paz, which makes ministry more difficult. Pray for gospel impact in many lives as they evangelize and disciple women in La Paz.

* Pray for the 2050 ESI (Equipping Servants –Disciples Making Disciples) participants in 175 groups meeting in 15 countries. Pray that the participants will grow in their commitment to honor Christ by being true to His Scriptures with the gospel at the center.

* The ILC church in La Paz is back to virtual meetings only, as COVID-19 cases have dramatically increased in Bolivia in recent weeks. Pray for Pastor Pepe and the elders that they will be passionate about Jesus, focused on the gospel in their preaching and teaching, and growing in gospel outreach.