The James Family

The James Family


James Update August 2020

Hello from Cleveland.

Thank you for praying for us in these past few weeks. We arrived in Cleveland one week ago. We decided to come up earlier to the States than originally planned to begin our Home Assignment. We struggled to make this decision, but finally decided to come since Bolivia continues in lockdown (and most of our ministry we were doing online and can continue doing this from here). And because Heather asked for our help to watch her 2 kids in August during an intensive course she has with her Masters program. So here we are. We plan to be in the USA through the end of the year, before we return to Bolivia.

Thank you for praying for our friend Pastor Juan Cardenas. He remains very weak with Covid. We thank the Lord he has been slowly gaining strength. He has been in the hospital in La Paz for 2 weeks now, and they expect he will need at least 2 weeks more. He struggles to breathe. His oxygen level got down to 60%, and we didn't honestly know if he would make it. He remains on oxygen all the time, and 2 days ago the hospital ran out of oxygen for an entire day -- so he continues to struggle. Please pray for Juan's wife Rita who is displaying all the symptoms of Covid -- and the hospital where she gets kidney dialysis 3 times a week has been hesitant to receive her for that treatment.

Many people in our church in La Paz have tested positive for Covid -- a large number of people we know and work with in Bolivia have died in recent weeks. Please pray for their families, and that the church in Bolivia will be able to bring help and hope in Jesus' name in the midst of great suffering -- and most of all that the church will keep its focus on Jesus and the main task of proclaiming God's Good News of salvation from sin and death through Jesus' redeeming work.

Most of the Equipping Servants groups in the 15 countries where we currently work continue meeting via Zoom. I spoke yesterday with Sebastian Moreno in Bogota, and he informed me they are even starting new Zoom groups -- and that the participants in every city in Colombia thank God for growth in their lives in the gospel.

Thank you for praying,

Kep James