The James Family

The James Family


James Family June 2020 Prayer Requests

*During the continuing Covid-19 lock-down in Bolivia, please pray for us as we meet with many people by internet. We meet regularly with ESI-DisciplesMakingDisciples leaders and groups in the 15 countries where we currently have groups. About half the 180 ESI groups continue meeting by internet – the other half who don’t have internet access decided to wait to resume meeting until after things open back up in their countries. Please continue to pray that the Lord will transform lives as pastors and church leaders study Romans. Pray that men and women will become gospel-centered in their thinking, passionate about Jesus in their living, and faithful in their service -- committed that no one should live or die without having the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus. 

*Kep continues to preach and teach via internet to people in our church in La Paz. Debbie shares the gospel with many women through phone meetings, as well as discipling and preparing weekly Bible studies for the ILC Church women.

*We see encouraging signs that God is developing in Pastor Pepe Rocha a heart for Jesus in his private life and pastoral ministry.