The Harrington Family

The Harrington Family


Chris & Leanne February 2021 Prayer Requests

*In the past couple months, the Harrington’s saw God work in a six-year-old boy who would not speak. His mother has brought him to many doctors, even expensive spiritual “doctors.” The Harrington’s began to pray for him as a family and Chris prayed for him before a performance event. Since that time, God began to open his mouth. He continues to gain more and more words and confidence to speak out. He can now speak at school to his teachers! His family prepared a special dinner to thank them for praying for their son and Chris pointed them to God-He is the Healer! Pray that this family would begin to believe in the God who healed their son.

*Since the summer, Chris was asked to lead all the SEND missionaries in the Northern region of Japan. As COVID-19 spreads in their area, pray that God would give him wisdom as he makes decisions on how to continue to minister safely and respectfully.

*Also, a new missionary is scheduled to join their team next month. Please pray he can enter the country with the ever-changing travel restrictions.

*The church plant in Shichigahama that we are a part of is meeting in a kindergarten which closed down several years ago. God has given us favor with the owner who previously was opposed to any religious activity being held in his building. Our relationship with Mr. K has grown and he has opened his heart us. He is a leader in the community surrounding the kindergarten building. Please pray for Mr. K to have faith in Jesus.