The Harrington Family

The Harrington Family

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  • Chris & Leanne March 2021 Prayer Requests

    * We are humbled by and grateful for your partnership in the gospel. Thank you for faithfully praying for the ministry here in Japan. On February 15th we experienced a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. We praise God for the safety of our church members, Japanese friends, and our family. We were able to clean up quickly. But for many around us who experienced the great earthquake of 3/11/2011, this recent earthquake was emotionally jarring. Please pray that we can listen well to them and be an agent of God’s peace. Also, please pray for the 10th anniversary 3/11 memorial service through our church.


    * Last term, Chris and I spent a substantial amount of time in language learning. At that time you prayed for Chris’s Japanese teacher, T Sensei. Chris walked with him through his wife’s cancer diagnosis and God gave him a number of opportunities to talk about spiritual things. Recently a new missionary with SEND (another Christopher Alan!) began lessons with T Sensei. In one of this new missionary’s first classes, T Sensei said, “Since you are a missionary, I think you will need to know how to read Kanji (Chinese characters used in Japanese writing) in order to read the Bible. Please bring a Japanese Bible to class so we can study together.” Amazing! Please pray for T. Sensei and his family to believe and trust in Jesus.



  • Chris & Leanne February 2021 Prayer Requests

    *In the past couple months, the Harrington’s saw God work in a six-year-old boy who would not speak. His mother has brought him to many doctors, even expensive spiritual “doctors.” The Harrington’s began to pray for him as a family and Chris prayed for him before a performance event. Since that time, God began to open his mouth. He continues to gain more and more words and confidence to speak out. He can now speak at school to his teachers! His family prepared a special dinner to thank them for praying for their son and Chris pointed them to God-He is the Healer! Pray that this family would begin to believe in the God who healed their son.


    *Since the summer, Chris was asked to lead all the SEND missionaries in the Northern region of Japan. As COVID-19 spreads in their area, pray that God would give him wisdom as he makes decisions on how to continue to minister safely and respectfully.



  • Chris & Leanne January 2021 Prayer Requests

    *Join Chris and Leanne in thanking the Lord for the new location he provided for their church plant. It is a building which was used as a kindergarten up until three years ago. It offers them great space on Sundays and for other gatherings. Pray for the owner of the building who lives next door-that he may hear the Lord calling his name. He is so happy to see it being used.


    *Thank the Lord for sending a new family to Japan to join in the harvest. The more lights in a dark place, the better.

  • Harrington Family December 2020 Prayer Requests

    *Please pray for the unique ways the Holiday season allows us to share Christ. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we are able to share about Christ off of holiday cultural questions people have.


    *We thank the Lord for the new location he provided for our church plant. It is a building which was used as a kindergarten up until 3 years ago. It offers us great space on Sundays and for other gatherings. Pray also for the owner of the building who lives next door. He is so blessed to see it being used. May he hear the Lord calling his name.


    *Please thank the Lord for sending a new family to Japan to join in the harvest. The more lights in a dark place the better.

  • Harrington Family November 2020 Prayer Requests

    * The holiday season is a critical time for ministry here in Japan. So many natural opportunities to share what we thank God for and what the birth of Jesus means to us. This year we will have less opportunities to spend time with others. So please be in prayer for the opportunities the Lord does provide. May hearts be open to not just learning about these two “American culture holidays”. But to hear of God’s greatest gift he has ever given us or of how God is the provider of all good gifts.


    * We also continue to pray for new avenues of ministering to our community. So please ask God to open new doors for us to boldly walk through.

  • Harrington Family October 2020 Prayer Requests

    * Praise God for a new relationship with a family who all came to the church plant we have been apart of. We pray the Lord will continue to allow us to go deeper in relationship with them.


    * Because of the ongoing COVID situation we are needing to evaluate how we have done ministry here-what should we continue doing and what needs to change. Please pray for wisdom as we move forward in ministry.

  • Harrington Family September 2020 Prayer Requests

    *We thank and praise God that our first outreach event in the Shichigahama community in so many months. One Of Mark’s friends from school came to this event. And then he brought his whole family to our church plant that Sunday, fellowship and worship. Pray we would have more opportunities to share more about Christ with them and they would continue to come to church.


    *Pray for opportunities where we can love and serve our community. Through community events, volunteering or just seeing a need and being able to fill it. May The Lord also lead us to relationships we can pour into here in Shichigahama.


    *Our hope is to start some new English outreach classes and gatherings. There have been people in the area who have shown and interest in gathering with us to learn English. May it be an opening for us to share the unconditional love we have received from Christ. And for them to see our unshakable hope we have in Jesus Christ.

  • Harrington Family August 2020 Prayer Requests

    Thank you all for your prayers! We are blessed as we think and pray for our Parkside church family.


    *Please pray for our church plant here in Shichigahama, as we work through putting together a vision and mission statement.


    *Pray for continued unity as we think and pray about the direction of ministry we feel the Lord calling us to. Pray for wisdom.


    *Please also pray for new relationships to be formed with others here in Shichigahama.


    *Lastly, we would appreciate continued prayers for our kids as they continue to adjust to a new school and new friends.

  • Harrington Family July 2020 Prayer Requests

    *Sadly many of our summer ministry events have needed to be cancelled due to COVID-19. Please pray for how we can show and share Christ’s love to others during this time. May the Lord provide opportunities to be able to meet with people to encourage and grow in our relationships.


    *As we continue our focus as a church plant on Shichigahama, our desire is to find ways we can meet the felt needs of our community. Pray the Lord will give us clarity and wisdom on how to best care for the needs and share Christ with the people of Shichigahama.

  • Harrington Family June 2020 Prayer Requests

    *We thank the Lord we have been able to meet together in person to worship the Lord and fellowship with one another. Please pray for everyone in our church family to rightfully remain cautious amongst the reopenings happening here in Japan. May the Lord lead us on how to minister to the communities surrounding each of the house churches.


    *Pray for our kids as they have begun to attend school again. As of the beginning of June schools have reopened here. This is a critical re-entry point into Japan for our kids. Please pray for them as they navigate many varying emotions. We thank the Lord for some new friends they have already made. May the Lord draw these kids to himself.


    *May we have and take advantage of gospel opportunities.


    Thank you all for your prayers.