Baptism 101 Course

Baptism 101 Course

The aim of this class is to give an explanation of the biblical basis for baptism. This class is open to all who desire to examine the scriptures in relation to baptism and is a two week series, usually running the first two Sundays of the month in room B210.


Completion of this class is required in order to be baptized. This course is taught by one of our church elders, Carl Anderson, along with Jim Shellhaas. 


Watch or Listen

Watch or listen to a sermon by Alistair on the biblical basis for baptism.


How old does someone need to be for baptism?

This is one of the questions that is most often asked to us, in relation to baptism. As elders we recognize that there is no chapter and verse in the Bible that directly answers this question. Therefore, we understand that this is a matter of wisdom and something that we hold to lightly. We have settled on age 13 as a guideline for our own church family practices. We believe that at this point in an individuals life they are able to understand what is being affirmed in baptism and can participate with an appropriate level of understanding 

Course Description

Week 1
1) Look at the Biblical basis for baptism
2) Go through the process of sharing a written testimony

Week 2
1) Complete your online application for baptism. Fill it out here.
2) Review the first draft of individually written testimonies that was assigned work from the first class
3) Set a date for their baptism in an upcoming worship service
4) Receive additional instructions for the baptism service