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  • A Note from the Leadership Team about this Sunday

    When we initially introduced the vision for Parkside’s future back in January we thought it best to set aside three 60-day periods to specifically focus on this vision as a church family. The first 60 days we devoted ourselves to prayer for God’s wisdom and leading. Followed by 60 days to individually pray and consider how we all may prayerfully and financially support the vision. Currently, we are taking 60 days to thank God for all He has done and will do through Parkside Church. We are thankful for how He has been merciful and gracious to us over the many years but especially in these last six months.

  • Recap: Another Important Day for Us as a Church

    This past Sunday, our church family took another step toward envisioning Parkside’s future by introducing the booklet, Building Into the Next Generation: Extending our Reach for Gospel Growth.

    In his sermon, A Call to Commitment, Alistair helped anchor the ideas presented in the booklet by asking the question, “Are you all in?” The implication being, are we, like the church in Romans 12:1-2, willing to give up our time, resources, energy, and all of our life to God for the sake of the Gospel?