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Taking the Next Step in Lake County


Dear Friends,

The time is upon us [in Lake County] to take the next step in our church. We are so thankful for the journey that began in the hearts of people years before we ever had our first official meeting - people we didn’t yet know, who hoped and prayed for a church plant in Lake County. The generosity and support of Parkside Bainbridge laid the foundation for us to come together and grow as a church family. We are grateful to have rented Lakeland Community College these last 5 years during the infancy season of our church plant.

However, it’s now time for us to set down permanent roots in this community. To let the community know, we are not just renters here temporarily, but we are lifelong residents here to stay.

God has answered our prayers by leading us into a purchase agreement of an existing 12,000 square foot church facility in Willoughby -- a facility that is right in the heart of Lake County. This new location is central to shopping, the large manufacturing community, some of the most populated areas in the region, and just down the street from many of our regular attenders.

Moving into a renovated and newly expanded permanent facility will give us the chance to grow our church body and strengthen our community. It will grant us the space to develop more outreach opportunities to meet the needs of the people and herald the gospel inside and outside our church for years to come. The first building phase on this site will provide us with permanence in this community.

Prayer birthed this church and will move us into this next season of building. With God’s grace, we are confident that it will be done. We are building for a new season of growth because we believe our best years are yet to come. 

Your Friend,
Pastor Scott Kennedy
Parkside Church Lake County