Counsel for Common Questions

The coronavirus pandemic has presented many of us with new (or heightened) emotional and spiritual challenges. Our routines have been interrupted. Our plans have evaporated. Everything we thought we were going to do, has been canceled or postponed. Additionally, we've experienced isolation from one another. Our community, our friendships, the support we've come to rely on through family, church, activities, and work, is now experienced virtually. For some of us, this time has also meant dealing with significant loneliness, depression, anger, or grief. 

Wherever we find ourselves, it is good to remember that Jesus is not a stranger to our difficulties or our emotions. He reminds us in Matthew 11:28 to "Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

For those who have questions about how to begin working through unexpected challenges or heightened emotions, we've assembled some resources for you. Each topic begins with a short intro video from Pastor and Counselor Jonathan Holmes, and from there, we've provided links to helpful content for additional study. 

Topic 1: Wrestling with Control
How do we trust in the Lord well when things feel so out of control? What are my responsibilities and how do I keep from feeling overwhelmed?


Topic 2: Facing Depression
Where can we find comfort when we feel isolated, stuck in a rut, or depressed? How do we help our friends or family who are struggling in this way?

Topic 3: Dealing with Loss
Whether loss because of death, loss of dreams, cancelations of looked-forward-to plans, it's sometimes hard to know where to look in circumstances like those. Where can we find comfort when facing different types of loss?


Topic 4: Conflict in Conversation

Topic 5: Doubt & Confusion

Topic 6: Feeling Overwhelmed
How can trusting in God's sovereignty over our day-to-day lives help us when we are feeling overwhelmed?

Topic 7: Anxiety
Do you know someone who struggles with anxiety? Are you finding it diffucult to offer support?

Topic 8: Singleness
In this time of COVID-19, being single may feel isolating. How can we use this time alone to draw nearer to God?

Topic 9: Marital Conflict
Do you want to honor the Lord in your marriage? Are current struggles making it seem impossible?

Topic 10: Back-to-School Anxiety
During this season of COVID-19, you may be facing a lot of decisions when it comes to returning back to school.

Topic 11: Fatigue and Weariness
Biblical encouragement to help us work through physical and spiritual weariness by looking to Christ for our confidence and hope.

Topic 12: When Friends Are Divided
Have your friendships been difficult or strained during this Covid season? Have differing viewpoints created distance that wasn't there before?

Topic 13: Navigating Social Media and News
It's hard to know what things we find in the media to believe. How do we navigate the media biblically?

Topic 14: Difficult Conversations with Others
During a time of uncertainty, it's easy to find that our friends have differing views. How do we react rightly and humbly in these conversations?

Topic 15: Tough Conversations with Kids
Parents may have to make difficult decisions that their kids may disagree with or be disappointed in. How can you navigate this conversation in love?

Topic 16: Family Conflict
As plans get canceled, there may be some family members who are hurt or feel left out. How do we communicate rightly with them?

Topic 17: Re-Energizing Faded Friendships
What are ways we can re-engage with friendships that have faded because of distance?

Topic 18: Creative Ways to Connect
As things begin opening back up, what are ways that we can creatively reconnect with friends and family while still following guidelines?